This will be the first time that such machines will be used in India.

Using manual or semi-mechanised track laying methods, Indian Railways takes about 10 days to lay 1km of track, but the Harsco Rail machine will be able to lay 1km of track per day. "This will mean a generational jump in track construction and will help overcome labour issues," says Mr R K Gupta, managing director of the Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation of India (DFCCIL). The eastern DFC is expected to open in December 2013.

Another seven track laying machines will be needed for the rest of the eastern DFC and the 1499km Mumbai - Delhi western DFC. Four more DFCs are planned: North-South (Delhi - Chennai), East-West (Kolkata Howrah - Mumbai), Southern (Chennai - Goa) and East Coast (Kharakpur - Vijaywada). By 2020, Indian Railways plans to build around 25,000km of new lines.