Track on the viaducts for the upper level of the station is fixed directly to the concrete bridge but the rail fasteners on curved sections have been breaking, leading to a 40km/h speed restriction through the station.

DB Networks is replacing the rail fixings, with around 2000 from 3250 changed, however renewal of all curved track on the viaduct is now planned which will lead to closure of the through lines whilst the work is underway. This reportedly requires changes to the station's fire detection system, which is not designed to allow track welding whilst the station is in use.

Renewal of 38 sections of custom-made curved slab track is expected to take several years and will cost more than €10 million.

In addition, the overall roof is being slowly destroyed by crows picking out the sealant between the glass sections. It appears the sealant has become porous with age and as a result is now easy for the birds to remove. DB Networks will replace the sealant later this year.