MÁV has ordered four of the Universal Bogie Crane Vehicles (UFDJs) at a cost of Forints 500m ($US 2.19m) each, with an option for a further three units. The vehicles are named Lencse by MÁV in honour of their main constructor, Mr József Lencse.

The Lencse vehicle hauls an intermediate flat car and a second flat wagon, which is also equipped with a crane, but can haul an additional trailing load of 160 tonnes. The powered vehicle is driven by a 390kW MTU diesel engine and has hydro-dynamic transmission supplied by Ganz Motor, Hungary.

This is also first new-build vehicle in Hungary for 20 years to be supplied with Ganz bogies.

The Lencse vehicle may be equipped with a snow plough and the crane unit can be used for lifting logs or clearing lineside vegetation.