Comparon is constructed from a 50mm sand screed/bed, a patented EPS base, and a precast concrete slab/deck. The system has been used by ProRail in the Netherlands for more than 12 years and a test installation was recently completed at Sanderstead south of London, where the slab was installed during a standard five-and-a-half hour posession.

Megatech says it worked with NR and ProRail to develop a platform design that complies fully with their standards while reducing installation costs.

During the approval process Network Rail representatives visited the Netherlands to examine ProRail's approved system. ProRail has now adopted some of the design changes put forward by Network Rail, which will be implemented on future platform projects.

Megatech director Mr George Rowe commented: "Network Rail and their engineers in particular are often criticised for placing obstacles in the way of innovation, but their willingness to develop our system has shown there is a definite drive towards a modular railway and the benefits this provides."