The contracts involve the development, design and delivery of plain line, switches and crossings, and associated infrastructure works. NR plans to form three alliances with consortia comprising at least one construction contractor and one designer.

The alliances will be for three areas:
• Alliance 1 North covering only NR’s Scotland route
• Alliance 2 Central covering NR’s London North West, and London North East & East Midland routes, and
• Alliance 3 South covering the Anglia, Southeast, Wessex, Western, and Wales routes.

NR will hold a briefing for potential suppliers on April 23 ahead of the pre-qualification period which should start in May.

“We are expecting high levels of interest in these contracts from the supply chain,” says Mr Steve Featherstone, NR’s director for track. “In return, we will be looking for clear and firm commitments from the supply chain to deliver value for NR.”