The trailer is designed to be attached to a GRM3000T tamping machine which has been fitted with Plasser American's Tamplink system. This enables the trailer to be automatically controlled from the lead machine, which means no additional personnel are required. The trailer can be moved by road between work sites. A GRM3000 simulator has also been designed to train staff on the new machine.


Plasser American showed its new PTS90C dynamic track stabiliser, a compact version of the PTS90, which can be transported by road. The machine is also equipped with Tamplink so that is can work both as a stand-alone unit or with a tamper.

The 09-2X Dynacat tamper was also on show. This is an upgraded version of a previous design to which a new front end has been added fitted with a new high-productivity two-sleeper tamper. The tamper will automatically change to tamping single sleepers if it detects that the spacing between sleepers is irregular.