The 39.54m-long two-section machine, which is designed for the restrictive British loading gauge, combines continuous-action single-sleeper track tamping with continuous-action tamping of switches and crossings. It has a non-contact sleeper detection system to avoid damaging sleepers covered in ballast.


Each tamping bank can be lowered individually, and the machine has single-sleeper split-head tamping banks. The outer tines can tilt while the inner ones are fixed. The vehicle is equipped with is a tamping bank rotating device, and a combined lifting and lining unit. The third rail can be lifted synchronously so that the rail fastenings are not subjected to excessive stresses.

The machine also has a guidance system, curve laser system, a system to measure track geometry after tamping, and integrated dynamic track stabilisation, plus a brush box.

The control cabs have been ergonomically designed with the most frequently used controls positioned in the arm rests. Banks of cameras on the machine allow operators to view operations in real-time.