Travessas Do Norte’s production plant in Namialo, northeast Mozambique, is the largest factory of its kind in southern Africa with a production capacity of 1600 crossbars per day. Built to supply the construction of the Nacala Corridor, it now supplies concrete sleepers and switch bearers to railways operating in Mozambique, and is strategically located to support the construction of new lines planned domestically and in surrounding countries.

Wegh Group says it has decided to focus strongly on markets in the region that have potential for development, in particular Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa and Namibia.

The group says the cities in these countries need rapid transport solutions and subways, as well as mainline railways to support the development of freight traffic.

“The decision to invest in Travessas Do Norte therefore goes precisely in the direction of being ready to seize any opportunities that may arise in these countries,” the company says.