PKP Intercity has taken delivery of new Stadler EMUs as well as the first refurbished Pesa ED74 EMU.

The 12 new 150m-long eight-car 3kV dc Stadler Flirts have seating capacity for 294 standard class and 60 first class passengers. They were ordered in a Zlotys 1.015bn ($US 256.5m) deal in 2019, and as part of the deal the Swiss company will provide technical maintenance for the fleet for 15 years. Testing began in western Poland in April this year.

The EMUs are equipped with Stadler’s Guardia ETCS system for operation under both ETCS levels 1 and 2, as well as conventional Polish safety systems. The Flirts are designed to enable dynamic switching between the systems without the need to stop.

Internally, the Stadler trains are fitted with air-conditioning, power sockets and Wi-Fi. All vehicles are fully-accessible for passengers with reduced mobility.

Stadler is building the 12 trains at its Polska plant at Siedlce, east of Warsaw.

“The vehicles provided by Stadler Polska bring PKP Intercity closer to ensuring a safe, comfortable and predictable railway,” says Mr Andrzej Adamcyzk, Polish minister of infrastructure. “The constantly growing number of passengers is the best proof that the Polish railways will follow the right track, and that Poles trust the national carrier. The purchase of new rolling stock will enable the extension of the offer, thanks to which the railways in our country will be even more accessible.”

The first two Flirts will enter traffic in the coming months, with no date confirmed. Initially they will be subject to supervised operation for a period of six to 12 months until they reach a mileage of at least 400,000 km. All 12 trains will be delivered by August 2023.

Refurbished trains

PKP Intercity has also confirmed that the first two of 14 refurbished ED74 EMUs are due to re-enter service. A consortium including Minsk Mazowiecki Rolling Stock Repair Works and Pesa Bydgoszcz is carrying out the refurbishment under a contract worth Zlotys 275m.

Each four-car EMU will benefit from the installation of air-conditioning, power sockets, Wi-Fi and more comfortable seating. They are also being equipped with a mobile phone signal amplifier and two vending machines for drinks and snacks.

The EMUs are also being adapted for passengers with reduced mobility. The entire project is due to be completed by June 2023.

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