Webinar: The Key to Seamless Mobility

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The role of passenger rail is a vital component in intermodal transport. As we move toward an integrated travel system—across cities, countries, continents and, eventually, globally—rail operators need the tools and inspiration to ensure they are already building platforms (both physical, such as hubs, connections, hardware for example, as well as digital hubs, including information systems, data management processes, etc.) that will provide the very best in mobility as a service.

Key takeaways include:

  • Why intermodality is vital;
  • The challenges facing rail operators, including technological integration; connectivity; ownership; revenue sharing; and governing issues;
  • How to design the best door-to-door information platform that gives the traveller personalized and real-time data that they truly need;
  • The 'last mile problem' and the role of rail in an intermodal world;
  • What travelers expect from any intermodal travel hub; and
  • The three pillars of the perfect global intermodal system and how these can guide your immediate decisions for future success.
Cian O`Sullivan, Simpleway
Cian O'Sullivan,
European Account Manager,
David Briginshaw,
Editor-in-Chief/Associate Publisher,IRJ


Watch the webinar on demand now.


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