The alliance includes the Amsterdam Transport Region, the municipal governments of Amsterdam and Haarlemmermeer, the provincial government of North Holland, Netherlands Railways (NS), Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) and Schiphol Airport.

The funds will support the construction of a southern extension to Amsterdam Metro’s North-South Line to Schiphol Airport and the town of Hoofddorp, as well as a new extension to complete the Ring Line between Isolatorweg/Sloterdijk and Amsterdam Central.

The alliance hopes that the contribution, which has been submitted to the Dutch government, will guarantee the approval of funding for the projects through the government’s National Growth Fund, which was launched in September.

The alliance says that the projects are in line with the fund’s stated goal of supporting new infrastructure development in the Netherlands. The alliance estimates that the projects would provide sustainable transport to up to 92,000 new homes, and generate 122,700 extra jobs, in addition to improving access to hospitals and universities and providing a more attractive business climate. 

Amsterdam Transport Region will contribute the majority of the funds at €525m. Amsterdam municipality will contribute €300m and NS will provide €60m. In addition, €140m will be contributed through land revenues by the governments of Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer, the province of North Holland and Schiphol Airport.

“We want to send the message that we are in the starting blocks and are willing to contribute significantly to maximise the chance of realising the two metro lines,” says Ms Sharon Dijksma, chair of the alliance and the Amsterdam Transport Region. “It says something about the importance of this package that these seven parties want to make such a financial gesture in the turbulent times in which we are now. In short, today we make an offer that is difficult to decline.”

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