Operations will be fully incorporated into Greenbrier's North American business model both from a manufacturing and commercial perspective, and the addition of 1600 staff from API has increased the size of Greenbrier’s United States-based workforce to around 4000.

The acquisition adds two wagon manufacturing facilities in Paragould and Marmaduke, Arkansas, to the Greenbrier group as well as manufacturing and administrative staff in St Charles, Missouri.

It also includes operations in Jackson and Kennet, Missouri, and Longview, Texas, which produce a range of wagon components and parts, creating enhanced vertical integration for Greenbrier’s manufacturing operations.

Greenbrier says the newly-added operations provide US-based domestic capacity that will insulate the company from uncertainties related to free trade in North America. The combination also provides the company with a more complete product offering in tank cars and covered hoppers through the company’s integrated business model.

“The transaction advances three of our strategic goals: strengthening our presence in the North American rail equipment market, growing at scale and developing a robust talent pipeline,” says Greenbrier chairman and CEO, Mr William A Furman. “With ITE's support, we are taking steps to ensure a smooth transition of the ARI manufacturing operations, including assistance from ITE Partner and former ARI CEO, MrJim Unger.

Mr John O'Bryan, the most recent president and CEO of ARI, joins Greenbrier as senior vice president of business development and integration reporting to Mr Alejandro Centurion, executive vice president and president of global manufacturing operations.