ITALIAN Rail Network (RFI) has issued a tender worth €2.77bn to install ETCS Level 2 equipment on 3400km of mainline railway infrastructure by 2026.

The contract is divided into four lots worth €1.3bn (Centro Nord), €900m (Centro Sud), €323m (Centro), and €251m (Sud) and is part of the €191.5bn National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), which is majority funded through the European Union’s Next Generation EU (NGEU) programme agreed by the EU in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The tender follows a similar process held recently to seek suppliers to equip 700km of line in Sicily, Lazio, Abruzzo and Umbria.

The tender is consistent with RFI’s objective to equip the entire 16,800km Italian mainline network with ERTMS by 2036. Under the plan 1377km will be equipped by 2022-2024, and a further 2023km between 2025 and 2026. ETCS Level 2 will be installed as a standalone system with the existing SCMT signalling equipment decommissioned. In addition, RFI will commence the process to install ETCS equipment on around 5000 rail vehicles.

The lines included in the first phase are:

Roccasecca - Avezzano
Canicattì - Siracusa
Decimomannu - Carbonia Stato
Villamassargia - Domusnovas - Iglesias
Cagliari - Oristano
Caltanissetta Xirbi - Aragona-Caldare
Lercara diramazione - Agrigento Centrale
Agrigento Bassa - Porto Empedocle
Alcamo diramazione - Trapani
Merano - Dev. Estremo Bolzano
Ciampino - Frascati
Ciampino - Albano Laziale
Ciampino - Velletri
Campoleone - Nettuno
Monza - Molteno
Lecco - Molteno
Mercato San Severino - Salerno
San Candido - Fortezza
Terni - Sulmona
Santhià - Biella San Paolo
Biella San Paolo - Novara
Oristano - Chilivani, and
Lamezia Terme Centrale - Catanzaro Lid

The deadline for bids is February 28 at 12.00 local time.

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