PROFESSIONAL services and project management firm SNC-Lavalin Group is rebranding as AtkinsRéalis from September 13.

President and CEO, Mr Ian Edwards, says the company is at an “inflection point” and that it “is the right time to rebrand as AtkinsRéalis and reflect the exciting future ahead of us.”

“In recent years, we have deliberately repositioned the company,” Edwards says. “We exited those parts of the business that were not profitable or aligned with our strategy; corrected underlying issues affecting our performance; doubled down on high-growth global markets; embraced digital transformation; and most importantly, redefined our purpose and strengthened our culture.”

Based in Montréal, Canada, AtkinsRéalis employs 36,000 people. Created by the integration of organisations dating back to 1911, and the merger SNC with its rival Lavalin in 1991, the firm provides consulting, advisory and environmental services; intelligent networks and cybersecurity; design and engineering; procurement; project and construction management; operations and maintenance; decommissioning; and capital services.

Among its future plans, according to The Canadian Press, are shedding a “costly backlog of big, over-budget rail contracts that have plagued it for years,” and the launch of an expansion agenda. Edwards confirmed that the company will focus on US acquisitions, with two deals likely in 2024 and more to follow in 2025.

AtkinsRéalis is described as a coined term that combines Atkins, the British group that it purchased in 2017 and “a legacy brand that is well-established across the company’s international markets,” with “Réalis,” which is inspired by the city of Montréal and the company’s French-Canadian roots.”

Réalis also resembles the verb ‘to realise’ or ‘to make happen,’ which the company says emphasises its focus on outcomes and project delivery.

“AtkinsRéalis is a new name for a new transformed company,” Edwards says. “Our ability to draw upon such breadth and depth of global capabilities will maximise our ability to work seamlessly and provide one integrated offering for our clients and partners.”