Orders placed in 2012 came to SFr 720m, considerably below the level of recent years. However, Stadler has made a better start to 2013, and with the order book currently standing at SFr 1.5bn, CEO and majority shareholder Mr Peter Spuhler expects 2013 revenues to reach similar levels to last year.

To maintain future progress in the face of a continuing tough economic climate, Stadler is following a policy of cost reduction, outsourcing purchasing to Eurozone countries, adopting a modular approach to vehicle design, and outsourcing orders to subsidiary plants in other countries such as Germany and Poland. It is also tapping into new markets in central and eastern Europe.

Stadler is currently competing in tenders for LRVs for Zurich Transport Authority (VBZ) and new trains for Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), and the company says it sees good prospects in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and other CIS countries.