Sales of EMUs rose by 49% from 174 units in 2015 to 259 units last year, which included 121 EP2D cars. Double-deck coach sales increased by 23% from 70 to 86, while the sales of single-deck compartment and saloon coaches grew from 35 to 146 units, an increase of 317%. TMH sold 271 metro cars last year compared with 235 in 2015, representing growth of 15%.


In 2016, TMH completed delivery of 52 DMU cars to Serbia after shipping the first four cars from the $US 100m order in 2015.

Sales of mainline diesel and electric locomotives increased by 6% from 267 to 283 locomotive sections. TMH supplied 202 sections of its 2TE25KM locomotive last year compared with 136 sections in 2015.

During 2016, various prototypes were completed including a new-generation metro train for Moscow, the TEM28 main line diesel freight locomotive, a new design of the NPM2M industrial electric locomotive, and a battery-powered locomotive for metro maintenance. TMH also designed new EP2D and EP3D dc and ac EMUs.

• On April 7, TMH announced an order for 800 flat wagons for TransContainer worth Roubles 1.68bn for delivery by the end of 2017. The wagons are designed to carry 20 and 40ft containers, lengths of timber between 3m and 13.2m, and sheet metal. TMH is working to adapt the wagons to carry steel pipes ranging in diameter from 350mm to 1200mm.

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