Vossloh's rail infrastructure division will be split into three new business units comprising core components, customised modules and lifecycle solutions, which will be strengthened through acquisitions where appropriate. "These three new infrastructure units form the future core business of the group, while the previous transportation division is no longer defined as core business but will nevertheless initially remain as a fourth division," says Vossloh.

While the transportation division, which produces diesel locomotives and LRVs, is expected to generate around €500m in sales this year, Vossloh plans to sell the division either as a complete unit or in parts by 2017. Alternatively, Vossloh is willing to consider transferring the division into a partnership with another company, but with Vossloh being the minority shareholder.

Vossloh has confirmed its previous forecast of a negative Ebit of between €150m and €180m on sales of €1.34bn for the current financial year. After adjustment for one-off effects, Vossloh forecasts a positive Ebit of €30m for 2014 which equates to an Ebit margin of 2%. Sales are expects to increase by 3-4% in 2015 which would push up the Ebit margin to 3-4%.

Vossloh plans to announce further details of its strategy tomorrow.