THE Indian government’s initiatives for increased self-reliance, “Make in India” and “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (self-reliant India), have prompted ABB to team up with Indian rolling stock manufacturer Titagarh Rail Systems in a strategic partnership. The objective is to enable ABB to supply propulsion systems for Indian metro rolling stock projects.

Under the partnership, Titagarh will buy ABB propulsion systems, including traction motors, auxiliary converters, traction converters, and train control management system (TCMS) software, acquire manufacturing rights and production licences for ABB traction motors, and gain access to all technology for Grade of Automation 4 (GoA4) TCMS software from ABB.

“This agreement is a huge step towards developing in-house capabilities for our own TCMS, including driverless TCMS, complete with setting up a TCMS laboratory and the development of the source codes,” Titagarh’s CEO, Mr Umesh Chowdhary, says. “We have already set up manufacturing facilities for some of the items for the propulsion chain.”

“This strategic partnership with Titagarh provides the strong foundation to enter and expand our footprint in this key market,” says ABB’s president of traction business, Mr Edgar Keller. India’s self-reliance policy was introduced in 2014, originally to counter Chinese dominance in the country. For foreign manufacturing companies wishing to expand in India, finding a local partner has therefore become important.