The contract was signed by deputy head of the BC, Mr Vladimir Balakhonov, and Mr Philipp Brunner, CEO of Stadler Minsk.

The five-car 25kV 50Hz ac EMUs will be based on the seven-car Flirt EMUs currently operating on the Minsk - Gomel line, with a maximum operating speed of 160 km/h.

The trains, which are 92.96m-long and 3.48m-wide, will have 260 seats, including 16 in first class which can be individually adjusted and will have individual arm rests and conductor call buttons.

Seats with armrests will be installed in the 2nd class compartments in a 3+2 layout.

The passenger saloons will also be equipped with vending machines, while each window will have sun-protective roller blinds.

There will be three toilets onboard, including one for passengers with reduced mobility, while signage will be repeated in braille. One vehicle will be equipped with a multi-functional area for passengers with prams, bicycles and large baggage, while Wi-Fi will also be available on-board.

To increase the effectiveness of the rolling stock operation, data about the train location, energy consumption and route will be transmitted to the BC central server.

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