Knorr-Bremse’s service division, RailServices, will begin supplying the new components to Hitachi, which manufactured and maintains the fleets, in the first quarter of 2021.

The new brake pads and discs will optimise the trains’ braking performance as well as minimise maintenance times and costs. The four-year, multi-million-euro contract includes an option for a four-year extension.

Knorr-Bremse says that through its continuous research and development process it can offer customers optimised solutions and innovations as soon as they become available.

“The new Knorr-Bremse friction solution offers an improved geometry, which in-turn further improves the friction pairing approach and delivers performance benefits,” the company says. “It also offers an up to 30% longer lifetime. This change is not due to the train’s age but rather to effect an improvement in performance which Knorr-Bremse has offered and Hitachi has identified as beneficial.”