LISBON Metro says it received two proposals from a tender to supply 24 three-car metro trains with an option for an additional 12 sets, with CRRC Tangshan making the low bid of €115.07m.

This is significantly below the base price for the contract of €138m. The other confirmed bidder, Stadler Rail Valencia, submitted an offer worth €134m.

The procurement was launched in November and the contract will have an execution period of 54 months.

The new fleet will help to support increased demand on the network following the completion of projects to extend the Circle and Red lines. Lisbon Metro says the contract option will enable the replacement of future life-expired trains.

CRRC Tangshan has had some success in the Portuguese market, with deliveries of 18 LRVs to Porto Metro underway.

Another CRRC subsidiary, CRRC supplier withdrew a bid for a Bulgarian contract last month amidst claims of using state subsidies to undercut European-based firms, which prompted a European Commission investigation.

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