CRRC Changchun has completed the first train for Shenzhen Metro designed to operate at Grade of Automation Level 4 (GoA 4). The train also has several innovations compared with previous designs.

The train will operate on Shenzhen Metro’s new Line 20, which is due to open in December. The fully automatic driving system enables the trains to perform a series of functions automatically such as wake-up, departure, precise parking and obstacle detection.

CRRC Changchun says the new train has the world’s first series-production application of vehicle-vehicle communication technology, which can communicate with traditional vehicle-ground-vehicle systems. The company says the technology optimises the vehicle control process and improves operating efficiency, safety and reliability.

Ethernet control

In order to ensure the safety of full ATO, the train has an Ethernet control system, and for the first time in China, five types of detection systems including tunnels, boundaries, track and running, are integrated to monitor the vehicle status. CRRC Changchun says real-time monitoring and providing a big data foundation for the intelligent maintenance of the vehicles can be described as the “walking metro doctor.”

The train complies with SIL4 for core control components, as well as obstacle detection, vehicle auxiliary collision avoidance, end wall collision avoidance, derailment detection and other safety assurance technologies. The entire vehicle network security level has been upgraded to 2.0, providing trains with a comprehensive security protection.

Interior of the new Shenzhen Line 20 train.

Train comfort has also been improved. In order to alleviate pressure fluctuation and noise caused by 120km/h operation, the train has adopted a series of measures to improve air tightness and ensure the comfort of passengers when it enters and exits tunnels. At the same time, the train is fitted with sound-absorbing and noise-reducing materials on the floor and side walls, while the air circulation system in the train has been designed to reduce noise.

CRRC Changchun says manufacture of the first train only took nine months from the signing of the contract to the first vehicle rolling off the production line.

The A-type train has an aluminium alloy bodyshell. Each train has eight cars, two of which are motorised.

Line 20 will connect Airport North with the International Convention Centre. The 8.4km line will have five stations, three of which will serve the convention centre.

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