TURKEY’s first domestically produced automated metro train has been completed. The train was presented to Turkey’s minister of transport and infrastructure, Mr Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, Turkish State Railways (TCDD) general manager Mr Hasan Pezük and TCDD Taşimacilik general manager Mr Ufuk Yalçın at a ceremony on September 1.

“Our driverless metro vehicle, specially designed for the OSB - Gebze - Darıca coast line, has become one of the best examples and products of our national technology vision,” Uraloğlu said.

The train is the first of seven four-car sets being built by Bozankaya. “The remaining six sets will be produced in two batches, starting from October,” Uraloğlu explained. “We plan to take delivery from now until the end of 2023.

“Our train has been manufactured with approximately 70% local production. Work such as design engineering and project management is carried out entirely with domestic resources. Many components such as bogies, passenger information, signalling, lighting, air-conditioning units and CCTV systems were produced by domestic facilities.”

The driverless trains have a commercial speed of 80km/h. Each 88m-long train has a room for 1476 passengers. The trains have space for bicycles and scooters.  

Uraloğlu said that the trains have low energy consumption and an environmentally friendly design, with a spacious interior. He also pointed out that onboard equipment has been designed to be easily accessible to simplify maintenance.

The 15.6km Gebze - Darica metro line, which has been under construction since 2018, is expected to open in September 2024.

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