PANAMA Metro (MPSA) has signed a new maintenance contract with Alstom for preventive and corrective maintenance of the rolling stock, signalling and power supply system on Line 2.

Line 2 is a 21km-long elevated line, which entered service in April 2019.

Alstom has provided maintenance since the line entered service. Under the new contract, which has already begun, work will be managed mainly using Panamanian technicians and specialists contracted and trained by Alstom.

The contract between MPSA and Alstom includes maintenance of 21 Alstom-built Metropolis trains, and covers overhaul of their bogies, braking and coupling systems and pantographs with the aim of improving performance and quality, safety and longevity of service.

Alstom will also oversee maintenance of the Urbalis CBTC signalling system, which can support 90-second headways between trains.

Also included in the contract is maintenance of the traction and auxiliary substations and Hesop power system allowing for recovery and transfer of more than 99% of the energy generated by train braking to be re-used for powering station facilities such as escalators, lighting and ventilation.

During October trial train operation was in progress on a new branch extending Line 2 to Tocumen International Airport.