ITALIAN Rail Network (RFI) has launched tenders for the supply and maintenance of 26 self-propelled traction units for infrastructure maintenance duties, including bi-modes vehicles and others equipped to operate under diesel, electric or battery power. 

The total potential value of the contracts is €90m, excluding options. 

The tender has been divided into three lots, the first covering the supply of three electric units for long-distance duties capable of drawing power from the overhead line at 1.5kV dc and 3kV dc. 

This lot has a budget of €12.8m and includes an option to supply a further two units for a maximum of €7.6m. 

The second lot covers 16 bi-mode units for medium-distance duties, capable of drawing power at 3kV dc and also equipped with a diesel-electric traction system. 

RFI is seeking bids within a budget of €53.7m, and reserves the right to order a further four units for up to €12m. 

The third lot covers seven units for short-distance operation and shunting duties, which would be able to operate under diesel or battery power as well as 3kV dc electrification. 

The budget here is €23.5m, and there is an option for the supply of a further three units for €9m. 

The deadline for submitting bids is June 20, with bids to be opened two days later. 

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