SIEMENS Mobility has been awarded a contract to supply 20 multi-system Vectron locomotives to Railpool, one of Europe’s largest rail leasing companies.

Deliveries will start next March, and the plan is for them to operate in 11 countries in central and eastern Europe which includes Germany, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia.

The new Railpool Vectrons will have a 200 km/h top speed and a 6.4MW power output. They will be fitted with the required national train control systems and ETCS.

Siemens will deliver the Vectrons in phases beginning in March. When delivery of the Vectron locomotives is completed, Railpool will have a fleet of 53 Siemens locomotives.

“With our purchase of the 20 Vectron MS locomotives, we want to position Railpool even better to handle anticipated market developments, especially in Eastern Europe,” says Railpool CFO Mr Ingo Wurzer.