SWEDISH operator SJ has awarded CAF a SKr 3bn ($US 348.2m) contract to supply 25 new regional EMUs, which have been ordered after passenger numbers more than doubled over the past two decades.

The 200km/h trains will operate on the Stockholm - Västerås - Örebro - Skövde - Gothenburg, Stockholm - Uppsala, Linköping - Norrköping - Stockholm - Arlanda Airport - Uppsala - Gävle - Ljusdal and Kalmar - Gothenburg lines when they enter service in 2025. SJ is investing around SKr 12bn in upgrading its fleet.

The trains will be able to operate in multiples of up to three, providing seating capacity for around 1000 passengers. The design has been adapted following a number of customer surveys, with onboard staff also asked for input into the development of the trains.

“We are buying trains to meet increasing demand, not least in the Stockholm-Mälaren region,” says SJ business manager, Mr Jan Kyrk. “Although the trains will have plenty of seats, we have set the bar high in terms of comfort. The trains will be suitable for people travelling for one to two hours, but also for those who travel longer. A more flexible way of working means that many people can consider commuting a little longer than before, being at work one to three days a week and at the same time benefitting from the train’s great advantage - that it is possible to use the travel time for work, recreation or rest.

“Together with [regional transport authority] Mälardalstrafik’s major investment in regional train services in the Stockholm-Mälaren region, SJ's service with new regional trains will contribute to a cohesive transport system and sustainable development in a growing region, by offering a comprehensive network of regional train connections with frequent services using modern trains.”

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