SBB Cargo International in cooperation with SüdLeasing, has ordered 20 Vectron multi-system locomotives equipped with the XLoad package from Siemens Mobility.

SBB Cargo International will lease the locomotives from SüdLeasing under a long-term rental plan with a flexible term. The contract also includes maintenance of the locomotives by Siemens Mobility.

Vectron XLoad is a traction equipment package developed to improve performance and increase train weights. With XLoad, operators on the North-South Corridor will be able to use only one rather than two four-axle locomotives to haul a train.

The Vectrons are designed for a maximum operating speed of 160km/h and delivery of the locomotives will begin in 2024.

“With this order, the number of Vectrons sold to Swiss customers has increased to over 100,” says Mr Albrecht Neumann, CEO Rolling Stock at Siemens Mobility. “Thanks to XLoad, the locomotives achieve tractive power previously not possible with four-axle locomotives. Our customer can use the locomotives even more efficiently in the Alpine region.”

“The Vectron is the ideal locomotive for our transport operations, being interoperable between the ARA ports (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp) and Italy,” says Mr Sven Flore, CEO of SBB Cargo International.

“With the optional feature XLoad, we will be able to run longer and heavier trains through the Alps in single traction. In many cases, one can even do without an otherwise obligatory lead locomotive. Since the weight of trains for intermodal freight traffic is limited by maximum permissible train lengths, there is no need to use a more cost-intensive six-axle locomotive.”

The 20 new locomotives will be used by SBB Cargo International for transalpine services. The locomotives have been approved for operation in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. They will be equipped with ETCS Baseline 3 as well as with the mandatory national train control systems.

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