TRENITALIA presented its first new quadruple-mode electric-diesel-battery inter-city train on April 3, ahead of its entry into service in southern Italy this summer.

Hitachi Rail is manufacturing seven of the hybrid trains this year as part of a wider €1.23bn framework agreement for 135 multi-modal trains, branded Blues by Trenitalia and Masaccio by Hitachi. A firm order for 98 sets of three and four-car configurations has so far been confirmed.

The first Blues train entered service in Sicily in December 2022, with others following on commuter routes across Italy. Hitachi completed an initial batch of 20 tri-mode regional trains from the order last summer.

The new train unveiled in Reggio Calabria is the first long-distance train from the order. It can be powered from 3kV dc overhead electrification used on the conventional Italian network, diesel traction, a combination of diesel and battery, or solely battery for up 15km - primarily to reduce emissions on non-electrified routes in urban areas and cut noise levels in stations. The train can operate at a maximum speed of 160km/h with an acceleration of 1.1m/s2. Speeds are limited to 100km/h in battery mode.

The livery of the new train incorporates Trenitalia's new InterCity branding.

Hitachi says the hybrid driving mode supports regenerative braking, while the new trains can offer an 83% reduction in carbon emissions compared with equivalent diesel-powered fleets.

The fleet will operate services between Calabria, Basilicata and Puglia. Passengers will benefit from what Hitachi describes as an innovative air-conditioning system, which can optimise airflow based on the number of people onboard.

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