CROATIAN rolling stock manufacturer TZV Gredelj has signed a 10-year memorandum of understanding (MoU) worth €2bn with Austrian freight company Innofreight to supply around 1000 freight wagons and 6000 containers a year over the life of the agreement.

TZV Gredelj CEO, Mr Ivan Petriček, says the company plans to invest €70m to overhaul and streamline its production capacity in order to fulfil the order. The company currently employs 400 staff, but is looking to employ another 600, including from neighbouring countries.

Petriček says revenue in 2022 is expected to exceed the €12m turnover recorded in 2021, as the company has already signed orders worth €102m this year.

He told Croatian daily newspaper Jutarnji List that TZV Gredelj will deliver 756 wagons to Innofreight this year, and will also produce wagons for Slovakian forwarding and logistics company Budamar. Budamar is also the co-owner of Tetravagonka, which brought TZV Gredelj in October 2021 for €45m, with the wagon manufacturer recovering from a 10-year bankruptcy in December 2021.