MPK Wrocław, Poland, has awarded Pesa a Zlotys 204m ($US 50.8m) contract to supply 24 low-floor three-section Twist LRVs to be delivered by mid-2024, with an option for a further 16 LRVs. If the option is exercised the total will be Zlotys 337.5m.

The LRVs will be approximately 27m-long and have capacity for 200 passengers. They are shorter than the existing 40m-long LRVs currently in use in Wroclaw. However, more of the new vehicles can be accommodated on the routes they will operate and at depots.

The Pesa Twists are fitted with a swivel bogie and are designed to reduced noise pollution. They will be equipped with regenerative braking, bumpers with increased energy absorption, air-conditioning, USB chargers, four double doors and a single door.

The new LRVs will be fully accessible and equipped with light strips informing passengers if doors are opening or closing. The Twist is also the first LRV in Poland fitted with an induction loop that amplifies the sound of voice announcements for deaf passengers.

The order follows a contract awarded to Moderus Gamma in 2019 for 46 LRVs, the first of which was delivered on December 5.

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