Connect Operator will run several times per week from the port at Gdansk to Warsaw Praga and Poznań Franowo, offering a transit time between either city of eight hours. The service will also extend to Gliwice B Kontenerowa where trips will take 15 hours.

“The advantage of our operator trains is that the customer knows which day and at what time his load will leave the start station and at what time it will arrive at the end station,” says Mr Ivan Ružbacký, president of PKP Cargo Connect. “They are able to plan delivery to their final destination because the operator trains run according to fixed timetables. For regular freight trains, timetables are often ordered ad hoc and there is no guarantee of travel time, which from the customer’s point of view significantly complicates the planning of the logistics chain.”

Under the Connect Operator service, PKP Cargo Connect will also provide a transhipment service by road to the customer’s final destination.

Mr Czesław Warsewicz, president of PKP Cargo, says development of Connect Operator reflects the company’s wider strategy to boost intermodal services. He says additional Connect Operator services will gradually be introduced in Poland on domestic routes and on international routes operated by PKP Cargo International.

The June issue of IRJ will feature an exclusive interview with PKP Cargo president, Czesław Warsewicz.