VR Transpoint says the new, modifiable vehicle in which the cargo space is detachable from the chassis and to enter service towards the end of 2017. The agreement is worth about €10m.

The proposed chassis and container weigh less than existing wagons making it possible to transport larger payloads, increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of rail transport.

"When the customer's transport needs change we only need to change the container and can continue the transportation using the same chassis," says Mr Rolf Jansson, senior vice-president for logistics.

The collaboration agreement includes the development of an approved prototype for the railway network in Finland and then an order for 50 wagon chassis with a lease of the required containers.

Finnowagon's introduction will enable the withdrawal of ageing rolling stock and will also be used in almost all business areas in which VR Transpoint seeks growth, including mining and bioenergy industries.