SOLIDARITY Transport Hub (CPK), the company taking forward Poland’s largest infrastructure programme centred on a new airport between Warsaw and Łódź, has selected 11 contractors to undertake design work for the 2000km of new railways that form part of the project.

With an estimated total of value of Zlotys 7bn ($US 1.49bn), CPK says that this is the largest framework agreement of its kind in Europe.

A total of 11 consortia bringing together 27 companies from Poland, Spain, France, Germany and Korea have been appointed to the eight-year framework, which will enable CPK to select contractors more efficiently and quickly under a simplified procurement procedure.

Work to be undertaken within the framework will include the preparation of designs for environmental approval and property acquisition, construction designs for obtaining planning permission and detailed designs and documentation for selecting construction contractors.

CPK has also appointed 20 contractors, including three consortia, to a separate eight-year framework to provide contract engineer services, with an estimated total value of Zlotys 2.5bn.

The contract engineer will act on behalf of CPK, providing services that include contract management and the supervision of design and construction work and their quality at all stages, including acceptance and commissioning.

The CPK rail investment programme aims to put most cities in Poland within a 2h 30min journey time of the new airport.

The programme includes a Y-shaped route from Warsaw, CPK and Łódź to Wrocław and Poznań, and a new line between Katowice and Kraków.

There are also routes to serve regions that are currently suffering from poor transport links, such as Ostrołęka - Łomża - Giżycko, Katowice - Jastrzębie-Zdrój - Ostrawa, Łętownia - Rzeszów and Trawniki - Krasnystaw - Zamość.

“The strong emphasis on framework agreements results from our investment approach,” says CPK president, Mr Mikolaj Wild.

“Thanks to the conclusion of contracts for eight years, we provide contractors with stability. At the same time, by selecting entities that have extensive experience in railway investment, we obtain a guarantee of best implementation.”

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