KEOLIS-MHI, the consortium that begun operating and maintaining Dubai’s driverless metro network and operating the emirate’s light rail network in September, has signed a contract with Thales to continue to provide corrective and predictive maintenance, on-demand system enhancements, repairs and spares for the Red and Green metro lines and the Route 2020 extension.

Thales has already equipped the driverless trains on the Red and Green lines and Route 2020 extension with its SelTrac signalling, integrated supervision, telecommunications, passenger services, security and automated fare collection systems, which are powered by Thales’s Transcity Up solution and PG600 gates.

Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Thales signed a five-year service level agreement in 2015 to provide maintenance support services for the city’s driverless metro network, followed by a contract to provide systems for the Red Line metro extension and upgrade project.

Singapore automatic fare collection gates

Thales has also been selected by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority to install modernised automatic fare collection (AFC) gates on Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) lines across the country. Under the seven-year contract, Thales will overhaul 1350 AFC gates on the North-South, East-West and Circle Lines as well as install them on the Jurong Region Line ahead of its opening.

The future AFC gates will come with standardised slimmer swing flaps, and are equipped with contactless technologies.

An in-depth interview on the Kelois-MHI consortium with Keolis CEO, Ms Marie-Ange Debon, appeared in the October issue of IRJ.