The line is part of the Muse - Mandalay railway, which CREEG and the Myanmar government signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop in October 2018, the Myanmar Times reports.

“The Muse-Mandalay MoU includes applying for permission to conduct feasibility studies to build the railway from Mandalay to Kyaukphyu,” says Myanmar Railways general manager, Mr U Nyi Nyi Swe. “The feasibility study takes two or three years.”

The line would connect a deep sea port in Kyaukphyu, which is being developed by China, with Kunming, China, via Muse on the Myanmar-China border. The project would also connect Mandalay with Yangon, and improve access between China and the Indian Ocean.

The 431km Muse - Mandalay line will be built for 160km/h operation, at a cost of around $US 8.9bn.

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