IRJ at the IAF track show in Münster: Matisa had on show its new inertial measuring trolley which it hopes will be certified by the end of 2022 or early 2023.

The compact inertial measuring unit is part of the Pegas track recording device and has sensors to indicate its position on the track. The unit is designed for optimal inscription in small radius curves.

The inertial platform is positioned on the centre line of the track independently of the gauge. The system has two integrated odometer sensors for wheel slip detection and curvature compensation. Pneumatic cylinders are provided for lifting, lowering and probing.

The inertial geometry compensation works at any speed, and the unit can operate in tunnels as it does not rely on GPS.

Matisa’s precision electronic geometry acquisition system has three tolerance levels. A PDF of the measurement segment can be uploaded to the cloud. It is possible to remotely monitor the machine to check its position and battery condition, for example.