THE Mayan Train project being developed by Mexico’s National Fund for Tourism Development (Fonatur) remains on course for opening in December, says Fonatur director general, Mr Javier May Rodríguez.

Presenting an update on progress with section 3, running from Calkiní in the state of Campeche to Izamal in Yucatán, May Rodríguez reported that tracklaying had been completed with 159km of new track laid.

Station works along the line were proceeding on schedule, he added. From west to east, the degree of completion was 77% at Calkiní, 82% at Maxcanú, 52% at Umán, 78% at Mérida, 82% at Tixkokob, and 67% at Izamal.

Station works nearing completion. Photo Credit: Mexican govermment

The director general of civil works contractor Azvindi Ferroviario, Mr Manuel Muñozcano Castro, reported that civil works were very near completion.

The three viaducts on section 3 were 99.5% complete, and work had been finished on 150 of the 153 other structures including earthworks, underbridges and culverts for wildlife. Of the 34 road bridges over the new railway, 24 were now open to traffic.

New road bridges have been built over the railway. Photo Credit: Mexican government

Ms Maite Ramos Gómez, country managing director for Alstom Mexico, said that the first four-car Xiinbal train delivered by Alstom on July 8 had now completed over 1000km of test running.

The train made it first trip on sections 2, 3 and 4 from Campeche to Hecelchakán where it stopped for a technical inspection. It then continued to Teya near Mérida, later making its second trip from there to Cancún with an intermediate stop in Chichén Itzá.

The first train delivered by Alstom has covered over 1000km. Photo Credit: Mexican government

Trial runs have been made to test traction, braking and other onboard systems, and the new fleet will be required to achieve 15,000km of fault-free operation before entering service.

“The Mayan Train works and has run along the track from Campeche to Cancún,” says May Rodríguez. “Undoubtedly, the Mayan Train will be inaugurated next December.”

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