The budget includes around NKr 10bn for project development, NKr 2.2bn for planning investment, NKr 8.9bn for operation and infrastructure maintenance and NKr 3.8bn for passenger services, including funds to purchase new trains.

The government plans to begin construction on new double-track alignments on Drammen - Kobbervik and Nykirke - Barkåker sections of the Vestfold Line in 2019, due to be completed by 2025, which will reduce travel time and significantly increase the frequency of services between Oslo and Tønsberg.

The government is also due to begin planning to upgrade the lines to Hønefoss, Hamar, and Sarpsborg, and aims to start construction of the Ringerike Line, a 40km extension of the Bergen Line from Hønefoss to Sandvika, in 2021/2022. It also plans to operate more trains to Hamar in 2026 on the Dovre Line and to Sarpsborg.

ERTMS will replace all legacy signalling equipment on the network over the next 15 years, with the Gjøvik and Nordlands lines the next two routes where the signalling system is due to be introduced.

A total of 11 new Flirt trains will be introduced in 2019. The replacement of the fleet on the Vosse line will be completed in early 2019 with the phasing-in of seven new trains. The remaining four Flirt trains will enter traffic in eastern Norway to increase capacity during peak hour.