GERMAN Rail’s (DB) board member for regional transport, Ms Evelyn Palla, outlined the innovative interior concepts to be tested onboard a prototype double-deck coach developed in collaboration with the state of Bavaria and Bavarian Railways (BEG).

The coach is designed to test new seating concepts for both first and second class travel and innovative passenger information screens with several different types installed. The train has 5G mobile communications, special window glass to improve mobile reception, and three types of USB plugs.

On the lower level (pictured above) is an area with tip-up seats which can also be used to perch on. On the other side of the coach there are two high tables with high seats similar to those found in a typical German bar.

Some second-class seats have a new design of lightweight seat back material which does not require an internal cushion and which can be removed for cleaning.

First-class seats recline and have small fold-away tables.

Some second-class seats have a retro feel but with a modern twist.

Wood is used on the upper deck to separate different areas. Pictured on the right above are two large seats facing the window to give passengers an excellent view of the landscape and considerable privacy.

The coach will enter service on the Munich – Mühldorf line to gauge passenger reaction to the innovations.