The rooftop antenna supports both upper and lower GNSS bands, and enables train operators to improve their geo-spatial positioning and time precision of their operations to pin-point accuracy for applications including autonomous trains. The antenna provides greater transparency of movement on tracks, enabling improvements to operational planning on busy lines, as well as significantly improving the viability of automated operation.

The antenna’s robust design meets the stringent EN 50155 railway standard and is fire retardant. Additionally, the antenna’s GNSS port on the antenna supports a range of satellite constellations, including GPS, Galileo, BeiDou and Glonass. The GNSS port is also complemented by two broadband mobile and Wi-Fi compatible ports which can be deployed for a variety of different train to ground services.

  • Huber+Suhner has also launched its new Sencity PTC antenna which offers an ultra-narrow bandwidth, supporting the very high frequency PTC band of 220MHz. Operators can select a standalone PTC antenna or have the option of an embedded multi-band GNSS receiving antenna to support upper GNSS bands on GPS, Galileo, DeiDou and Glonass constellations.