The DVC 1000 is fully compliant with the International Railway Industry Standards (IRIS), and allows engineers to measure dc links, the output voltages of inverters, the input voltage of four quadrant converters, or LRV battery voltage.

The DVC 1000 Series incorporates the use of an isolating amplifier which delivers significant space savings over other sensors of similar capacity that use bulky galvanic insulation. The series offers panel-mounted voltage measurement in a compact 131.6cm3 package that weighs only 57g.

Devised to measure a nominal voltage of 1000 VRMS, the DVC 1000 series uses an isolating amplifier to provide very high levels of isolation with a safety insulation voltage of 4.2kV.

The DVC 1000 models use materials that comply with all relevant fire and smoke requirements such as EN 45545, which are mandatory in railway applications.