ČD Cargo has awarded CZ Loko a contract to modernise a further 25 class 742 diesel locomotives into CZ Loko’s Effishunter 1000M locomotives, following which they will be reclassified as class 742.71. The contract, which includes an option for another five locomotives, follows an initial agreement to modernise 50 locomotives.

The class 742 locomotives were built between 1977 and 1986, and ČD Cargo now struggles to find parts to maintain them.

ČD Cargo is already operating 37 modernised 742.71X locomotives. “The locomotive is already more sophisticated and reliable,” says CD Cargo chairman, Mr Tomas Tóth. “And we continue to work on it with CZ Loko to make it a high-quality and very reliable locomotive for the next 35 to 40 years.”

ČD Cargo’s parent company, Czech Railways (ČD), awarded CZ Loko a Koruna 684m ($US 32.1m) contract to modernise its 14 class 742 diesel locomotives in February.

Only the chassis and bogies of the original locomotive are retained during the modernisation, with these also upgraded, while the rest of the equipment installed on the locomotive is new. The modernised units will be prepared for ETCS, which is being introduced on the Czech network. The upgraded locomotive has a tractive output of 1MW and a top speed of 100km/h.

The class 742.71 locomotive is approved for operation in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.