The first of the extra Vectrons will be delivered later this year, while ČD Cargo will receive the Traxx MS3s in 2019-2020.

The contract with Bombardier includes options for the supply of up to 40 additional units from 2022 onwards.

The ETCS-equipped Traxx fleet will be authorised to operate in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Germany and Hungary. ČD Cargo is also considering equipping the fleet to operate in Slovenia and Croatia, to enable through operation to Adriatic ports.

ČD Cargo has licenses to operate in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Austria, and Mr Tomáš Tóth the company’s director of operations, says the acquisition of new multi-system locomotives supports the operator’s strategy to expand its international business. “We have already identified international operations where these locomotives could be used immediately, and thus we can meet the requirements of our customers. One locomotive can be used for the whole length of a journey.”

In addition to new units for international operations, ČD Cargo is planning to withdraw less reliable and life-expired locomotives, which will be replaced by new or modernised traction.

The contracts with Bombardier and Siemens will be signed in the coming days.

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