The 2.4MW CoCo locomotives date from the early 1980s amd are used to operate regional passenger services to the south and west of Copenhagen, operating with 25 sets of double-deck coaches.

DSB has announced a programme to examine all 198 axles in use with the ME diesel fleet - a process that will involve stripping down every locomotive to inspect all axles individually. This is expected to take until late March. In the intervening period, an emergency timetable has been introduced with, where possible, DMUs are in use in place of the ME locomotive-hauled double-deck trains.

DSB has five class EA locomotives dating from the late 1980s which it can use in place of some the diesel units.

In the longer term, DSB is planning to replace the ME diesel units with 26 new electric locomotives which will also operate with the double deck coaches. In late 2016, DSB shortlisted Bombardier, Siemens and Škoda for the contract with the aim of having the first unit in service by 2019. However, over a year later, no order has been placed.