The locomotive, Siemens' first broad-gauge Vectron, was presented in Helsinki on April 10 and is equipped with instrumented wheelsets which will deliver operating data to engineers. Tests of the locomotive's train control system will also take place which will inform the development of the series-production locomotives.

Testing of these units is set to begin in early 2016 and the first 10 are due to enter commercial service in 2017. Siemens is aiming to complete delivery by 2026.

The locomotive was delivered to Finland from Siemens' Allach plant near Munich using a "loco buggy," (pictured) developed by Siemens and Railadventure, Germany. Each of the four-axles of the 90-tonne locomotive rests on a separate buggy allowing transport of the broad-gauge unit on standard-gauge tracks without dismantling large sections beforehand. Previously such systems were only available for much lighter vehicles.

Vectron Finland 2