MALAYSIAN locomotive manufacturer SMH Rail has released its new H10 series locomotive platform, the first Malaysian-made locomotive for export, which the company says is equipped with advanced technology to reduce emissions.

SMH Rail says the H10 series locomotives can haul as much freight as 100 lorries, reducing carbon emissions by 75% and easing congestion on the road. The locomotive features a practical design which ensures high reliability and availability for improved operational efficiency, increased haulage capacity and reduction of maintenance challenges, resulting in lower overall life cycle costs.

The dual cab H10 Series locomotive is compliant with UIC standards and is designed for heavy haulage and uninterrupted long-haul services. One of its main features is its capability to operate in challenging terrains and weather conditions. The locomotive is equipped with remote monitoring and diagnostics to provide real-time updates to operators to allow them to monitor performance remotely including speed, maintenance needs, fuel consumption and fault alerts. It supports data analysis that tracks negligent handling, reduces risk of failures and improves operational safety.

The first batch of Co-Co locomotives will be delivered to Tanzania Railways Corporation, which placed the order after receiving funding support from the World Bank.

“I am confident that these locomotives will bring enormous economic benefits to the African Rail cargo industry,” says SMH Rail chairman and managing director, Mr P K Nara. “It is efficient in bridging connectivity, increases supply-chain access, accelerates industrialisation and promotes cross-border trade. With more than 60% of its content locally manufactured in Malaysia, the H10 Series marks a cornerstone achievement of our company in the global rail industry.”

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