MRS ordered seven of the electric locomotives from Stadler in 2010 in a $US 55.9m contract with the first two set to be delivere d to Brazil via Basle and Antwerp over the next few weeks.

The 5MW, four-axle locomotives are 19m long and have a 760kN starting tractive effort. They have two bogies which in turn each have two pinion transmission systems that will engage with the trip-lamella Abt rack on 10km-long ramp on the 1600mm-gauge freight line from São Paulo to the Port of Santos. Two of the locomotives operating in multiple will be able to haul a 850-tonne freight train on the 10.4% incline, making them 50% more powerful than those already in use.

Around 25% of the traction required as the train goes uphill is supplied by two separate adhesion transmission systems. Energy savings are also expected on the 3kV DC electrified line through regenerative braking.