The launch customers are French National Railways’ (SNCF) rail freight subsidiary VFLI and leasing company Alpha Trains which have ordered the first 12 Euro 4001 diesel-electric locomotives together with the EuroDual prototype dual-mode locomotive. VFLI will purchase three of the 12 Euro 4001 diesel-electric locomotives and lease the remaining nine from Alpha Trains. VFLI plans to use the locomotives to haul freight trains in France and Belgium.

“The EuroDual is the result of many years of work and resources invested in research, development and innovation,” says Mr Iñigo Parra, CEO of Stadler, Valencia. The EuroDual prototype has been used by Stadler for the certification of its new locomotives in France and Belgium. As its name implies, the 7MW locomotive can run on lines electrified at 25kV ac and 1.5kV dc as well as in diesel mode. The prototype is fitted with a stage IIIB emissions-compliant diesel engine with an output of 2.8MW. This together with what Stadler describes as a state-of-the-art adhesion control system, means the locomotive can haul longer and heavier trains than its predecessors with greater flexibility.

The Euro 4001 is the successor to the Euro 4000 and has an ac/ac transmission system and is powered by a 2.8MW diesel engine which is designed to comply with stage IIIB and V emissions standards.

VFLI has been operating Stadler locomotives since 2013. VFLI’s fleet currently consists of 19 Euro 4000 locomotives, the newest of which were delivered at the end of 2017. Alpha Trains owns 30 Euro 4000 locomotives which are leased to rail freight operators in Spain and Portugal.