The project centres on the installation of computer-based interlocking
(ACC) and telecommunications between Volti and Brignole stations. The
ACC will have a control centre at Genoa Teglia, the location of the
network's centralised traffic control (CTC) system which has been in
service since 2003. The control centre will oversee operations in three
distinct multi-station areas - Voltri, Sampierdarena, and Brignole.

project includes the integration of the ACC system into the CTC through
the installation of an integrated command system located at Teglia,
which will enable command and control of the ACC and connection with
CTC. It will also see the installation of onboard train control (SCMT)
equipment for all stations and lines in the area, with the construction
of a new SCMT control room at Genoa Campasso. A remote visual
inspection system will be provided at Brignole.